Sunday, May 27, 2012

OMG Do my feet really look like that !!

On the Sunday after I made my Luna Huaraches I couldn't wait to try them out.

Fortunately, we have state park not too far from where I work which has some great trails, one of which is a 5 mile loop. With hindsight this probably wasn't the smartest thing to do given that I had just built up to 3 miles (5k) barefoot.

Excuse the picture of my feet. I really hope that they don't really look like this, but to be fair I think the camera angle doesn't help. It looks like I have really odd sized feet.

The first quarter of a mile I had to tighten my  sandals twice so I obviously need to work on my lacing skills. Other than that they stayed put throughout the rest of my run providing enough protection from the rocky gravel trails.

Quiet. These sandals, just like running barefoot are really quiet, in fact at one point I came up on a couple walking their dogs and had to ask to pass as they did not hear me. Once I was past them, they noticed the sandals and asked me what they were.

The sandals were really light and there was no rubbing on any part of my feet. It really was close to being barefoot.

I really enjoyed this run and it was a beautiful day however I fell for a trap that I think is common for people starting out with barefoot running and that is I did too much too soon.  Just because I had some protection on my feet I was able to run further, however my feet, tendons and muscles may not have been so ready. This is going to be the topic of my next blog entry.

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