Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Half Marathon - Setting Goals

As my second half marathon is only 6 weeks away I realized I have goals that I have already set in my mind that are probably worth sharing. Whilst training for my first half marathon this time last year, I remember reading online about goal setting and when it comes to running one of those goes should be getting to the start line.

During my 12 week training schedule last year, I ended up pulling a ham string with about 6 weeks to go. I was out of action for 2 weeks and then slowly built up my distances and speed until race day. What I learnt from that experience is that one goal you have should always be just getting to the start line.

So here are my goals for this years race:

  • To get to the starting line.
  • To finish the race.
  • To beat my personal best (and only) time of 1hr 50mins.
  • To finish the race in under 1hr 45minutes.
Obviously, I hope that I achieve all these goals, however I think it is important to realize that even just reaching the start line is an great achievement. Training for any significant running event requires training, and often several hundred miles of training; how can that be anything but a success.

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